Goldmann Inc, Water Color Paintings by Singapore Artist

Buying Art

Imagine seeing and buying art in hotel rooms, corridor and lobby. It may be new, but it is an emerging trend in the world of art. Art collectors have been buying art in Hotel Art Fairs. After the success of the three "Apart Fairs", now comes Art Apart Fair 2014, the 4th edition. It is an international art fair that embraces the diversity of cultural content and artistic expression from around the world. Providing a dynamic and intimate art viewing experience, it offers an unconventional way to visualize art in a closer to home context.

The Art Apart Fair 2014 - 4th Edition will feature more than 2,000 artworks from around the world. Set within an eco-friendly contemporary hotel with spacious exhibition rooms that open onto a garden corridor with water features. This cozy and relax ambience is a place to exchange and disseminate new contemporary art idea.

Art Apart Fair 2014 , the 4th Edition will highlight Russian Artists' art works, with Russian Character Artist present to paint portraits, Russian art experts to give talks and Russian Art Performance. The largest curated Russian Artworks will be on display for public viewing and acquisition. Galleries and Artists from more than 15 countries will be in Singapore, where the island state will be transformed into one of the top attended satellite art events for collectors, artists, curators, critics and art enthusiasts alike.

Art Apart Fair will feature innovative special programs to include performance art, new media, curated artworks and solo installation. Our commitment is to create a platform for artistic excellence along with building a dynamic young marketplace with new and increased opportunities around marketing and audience services, Art Apart Fair is sure to surpass all expectations for 2014.

Over 4,000 visitors are expected during this three-day event. Collecting art is an emerging trend in this part of the world. Art Apart Fair is open to the public and it welcomes art enthusiasts, seasoned art collectors as well as new art buyers, offering a wide selection of artworks to suit all budgets.

  • I do not really have time to appreciate art at the fairs until i chanced upon this site. It really give me a whole new experience which i could enjoy it even without being onsite.

    — Nowell Ng Halogen
  • I feel is a very good experience by buying art online... Moreover if i have the time, i will visit the fair in July...

    — Steven